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Serving Lancaster County since 1976                                                                                   


                                      Serving Lancaster County since 1976

Refuse and Recycling

           Help us keep Lancaster County

We at Purple Heart believe that it is not only our obligation to preserve the world that we so much enjoy but to improve it for our children. Believing in such ideals, we urge our customers to dispose of their waste, recyclable and reusable materials in an appropriate and economic manner. A small amount of organization truly does go a long way and helps keep costs down. We would sincerely appreciate your cooperation in helping us to maintain these ideals.

Thank you very much.

Household waste materials
should be contained in either
a trash bag or some sort of trash can, or preferably both.

 Materials not considered household waste are:

-Construction/Demolition/Remodeling debris
-Roofing shingles
-Heavy metals (cast iron) 

Such items may/may not require special
arrangements to be removed and depending
 on the volume and weight may or may not be
subject to an additional cost.

Recyclable materials
 should be contained

  in a recycling bin or any container
 of your choosing.

-Corrugated Cardboard

are all recyclable.

-Organic matter

 are not.

Reusable Materials
are items that
are not truly refuse.

-Dirt/ top soil/ potting soil
-Grass clippings
-weeds and other lawn debris

are great natural resources and a cost efficient way
 to improve your lawns and gardens

 Hazardous waste materials such as:

-Air conditioners
-Florescent bulbs
-Motor oil
  Must be disposed of seperately at:

Lancaster County
Solid Waste Management Authority
1299 Harrisburg Pike
PO Box 4425
Lancaster, PA 17604
Phone: 717-397-9968
Fax: 717-397-9973


Grass clippings are a reusable resource! We will not accept them!  If you would like to know why please visit:


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